Before you travel with Waxholmsbolaget

Welcome on board! When you travel with us there are some things that are good to keep in mind. We have gathered the most important facts and listed them below.   


Waxholmsbolaget is a public transportation provider operating boats in the archipelage and harbour of Stockholm. We are a part of the Stockholm Regional County Council, like SL runs the land traffic we run the public transportation at sea in Stockholm County.

Waxholmsbolaget take visitors around the archipelago, make sure that the islanders can go to work and school, deliver mail and newspapers to the islands and the groceries to the archipelago merchants.

Home harbour Stockholm karta1_Stromkajen

Strömkajen next to Kungsträdgården and Grand Hôtel in Stockholm is Waxholmsbolaget’s main harbour. Most of our boats depart from here during the summer, and you can visit our manned terminal here for tips and information. We also have manned ferry terminals in Vaxholm and Stavsnäs, and an additional number of mainland jetties that are important for our archipelago travellers.

Don’t forget the semaphore           semafor_low 

The round foldable sign on the jetty is called a semaphore. The semaphore should be placed in its vertical position while you are waiting for the boat. This signals the captain that someone wants to embark. 

Where is the boat going?

When several boats arrive at a jetty at the same time it can be confusing. Please ask a member of the boat's crew if you are unsure of wich boat goes to your destination.

Larger islands often have several jetties. Those jetties are sometimes served by different boat routes. Be sure to note which jetty you want to go to, and make sure your boat goes to the right one.


Our modern boats are spacious and have accessible WC. The crew can always help you if you need assistance.

More information

Timetables, maps and information leaflets about the archipelago are available at our manned terminals at Strömkajen, in Stavsnäs and in Vaxholm. You can also call our Customer Services, +46 (0)8-600 10 00 or e-mail us at We are open every day 24 hrs.

For more information about the archipelago, visit these sites: