Accessibility on board

Accessibility on board is important to us. Everyone should be able to discover our beautiful archipelago with ease. And you can! Our modern ships have sturdy gangways, easy access on board, and accessible WC.


Waxholmsbolaget owns 20 boats serving the Stockholm archipelago. They are all equipped with a wide and stable gangway. In addition, a crew member is always on hand both on board and during embarkation and disembarkation. 

If you have a mild disability or are using a light and flexible wheelchair you are generally able to access all our ferries. Passengers using electric wheelchairs should be able to access most of our archipelago boats but we recommend you use our more modern ferries, which have more space and better access routes. On board these boats is at least one accessible WC and there are fewer thresholds to maneuver. Our older boats, the classic steamboats Norrskär and Storskär as well as motorised Västan, have a somewhat restricted accessibility.

Waxholmsbolaget also use a number of boats that are owned and run by independent operators/entrepreneurs. Accessibility is varied on these boats. In our timetable you will find information on which boats provide the best accessibility and which are more restricted.

Getting on and off

All of Waxholmsbolaget’s boats are equipped with a gangway that is at least 85 centimeters wide and has secure handrails on both sides. Problems may occur due to the steep angle of the gangway, particularly at Strömkajen which is one of the highest jetties. The gangway angle will also vary according to the height of the water.


Generally speaking, the more modern boats have larger toilet facilities with wider doorways.


Most boats have a cafeteria where you can buy snacks and basic dishes. On board the modern ferries it is easy to access the cafeteria. However, space for wheelchairs at tables is limited so it is recommended to transfer to a seat if possible.

Peak season

During peak season, for example holiday periods and summer weekends, there are naturally more passengers on the boats. This means that access on board is more restricted, space is reduced and stress levels are easily raised. In addition, it is harder to find car parking close to the jetties and terminals. If possible you can try travelling during low season to avoid inconvenience.

Sitting outside

High thresholds between the lounge areas inside and decks can be difficult to pass. On some boats there are short steep ramps/superstructures for ease of access. But you need to be quite strong and have good sense of balance to maneuver these.

Tips before travelling

Before the trip check which boats serve your required destination. It is also advisable to check how accessible the facilities are on your particular boat. This is especially important if you are using an electric moped or wheelchair. 

For more information, please contact our Customer Services, +46 8 600 10 00 or e-mail If you are calling with a Swedish phone company, there is a toll fre number for accessibility queries: 020 120 20 22. 

Times and schedules

All timetables contain a special section describing accessibility on each particular vessel. Sometimes it is necessary to replace a scheduled departure with another vessel. Please contact our Customer Services, +46 8 600 10 00 before the journey for up to date information on all departures.


There are disabled car parking facilities and toilets.

Tickets and prices

Tickets are sold on board.  Passengers entitled to a pensioner’s discount may travel at a reduced rate. Read more via the link below.

Accompanying passengers

It is usually an advantage to have someone travelling with you who can help.

More information

If you would like more information on boats, services, fares etcetera please contact Waxholmsbolaget’s Customer Services, +46 8 600 10 00 or e-mail