Nationalparken Ängsö

Foto: Karin Romdahl
Foto: Waxholmsbolaget

Ängsö – Sweden’s first National Park

Come to Ängsö National Park to explore some of Roslagen’s most magnificent scenery and learn about its cultural history. In 1909 it became the first national park in Sweden. This protected status means that we can now enjoy a wonderful slice of old Sweden with hayfields and pastures that have been tended to for hundreds of years by agricultural labourers.

There are plenty of good places to swim and a network of walking trails. The paths are signposted and easy to follow, even if you have a pram or are in a wheelchair.

There is a rich variety of bird life and if you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a white-tailed eagle or fish hawk. Don’t miss a visit to The Nature Room (Naturrummet) with its interesting exhibition.