Foto: Bo Lind

Finnhamn – smooth rocks and charming fishing coves

The name Finnhamn originated from the time when Finnish ships on their way to Stockholm used to berth on the island.

Nowadays, Finnhamn refers to a cluster of islands in a stunningly beautiful archipelago setting, with several popular, well-protected natural harbours. The boat stops just below one of the archipelago’s most popular restaurants, Finnhamns Café Krog. A little further along you will see the old coal merchant Rönström’s fabulous summer villa.

Today it has been turned into a youth hostel with simple but comfortable accommodation. If you don’t feel like going to the restaurant you could cook your own meal here and round off the evening in front of the fire in the lounge. Don’t forget to visit Idholmen’s farm shop or why not take a boat trip. The island is surrounded by small islets and you can rent a rowing boat at the youth hostel. The area is owned by The Archipelago Foundation so the entire island is yours to explore.

For more information, visit:
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