Foto: Waxholmsbolaget

Kymmendö - Strindberg's Hemsö

The islanders, they say,  were moderately amused when Strindberg housed at Kymmendö. It was said that he took advantage of people's hospitality as he spent a few summers here in his own custom built writing cabin.

The result of Strindberg summers on Kymmendö was his famous novel Hemsöborna. But he did not write it on Kymmendö, but in Switzerland. Strindberg's writing cabin on Kymmendö remain, and are one of the many reasons to take the boat to Kymmendö, the charming little agricultural island, just northeast of Ornö.

Kymmendö is privately owned and you can not ride a bicykle on the island. You can get a guided tour of Strindberg's writing cabin. There is a tavern, a bar and a café are by the jetty.

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