Foto: Waxholmsbolaget
Foto: Mats Lindfors

Landsort – The archipelago’s southernmost outpost

Landsort is a historic coastal pilot and lighthouse settlement on the island of Öja. As the archipelago’s southernmost outpost, the island grew in importance during the reign of King Gustav Vasa.

The tiny village, with its 35 permanent residents and scores of summer guests, is very well preserved. The lighthouse, which was built in the 1670’s, is the oldest functioning one in Sweden, as well as the brightest in the archipelago. The island of Öja is long and narrow - 4 kilometres end-to-end and 600 metres broad at its widest point. A footpath links the southern and the northern part of the island passing historical landmarks and smooth bathing rocks.

Just north of the village is the Plague Cemetery and the labyrinth, which the fishermen believed brought them good luck and protection against the dangers at sea. In those days they would accept help from all available powers, even the supernatural. In the giant cave Helvitteskällan for example, the inhabitants used to offer up sacrifices to ward off evil.

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