Foto: Bo Lind

Lidö – a food and nature idyll

The history of Lidö stretches all the way back to the Middle Ages. But it was during the 17th century that “Resare-Bengt” Oxenstierna came to the island and built himself a grand baroque castle.

This was destroyed by the Russians in 1719 and wasn’t rebuilt until the former farmhand from Arholma, Mathias Holmer, returned home after a long and successful career as an East Indian sea captain. He settled on Lidö and constructed the magnificent Lidö Säteri out of the ruins of the old castle. Today the farm is one of the archipelago’s best restaurants and guesthouse.

There is also a youth hostel, cottages to rent, a guest harbour and an information booth with an exhibition on the island’s history. Further inland is Lidö Gård, a small-scale ecological farm. Elsewhere, the island is largely undeveloped with picturesque walking trails and unspoilt natural forests. Lidö is owned by The Archipelago Foundation.

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