Berg (Möja)

Foto: Kenneth Hellman
Foto: Waxholmsbolaget
Foto: Bo Lind

Möja – small villages and fishing coves

Small villages and well-kept harbours hug the Möja coastline, creating a characteristic archipelago feeling.

The largest village is Berg, located on the southern part of Möja. Here you will find restaurants, the guesthouse, bakery and café, the church, local museum and the popular outdoor dance floor. A little further down the road is the idyllic village of Löka with its attractive guest harbour. There is a summer café situated in the old village shop.

The next stop is Ramsmora, home of one of the last professional fishermen in the archipelago. Treat yourself to a delicious meal of fresh fish in their family restaurant. From Långvik's jetty, in the northernmost of Möja's villages, there is a fantastic view over the outer archipelago. Here you can stay at Möja Gästhem in Långvik's old school building. Möja is excellent for cycling and hiking.

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