Foto: Waxholmsbolaget

Norröra – from the story book

Norröra is located just outside Furusund. This is where famous childrens books author Astrid Lindgren lived during her summers writing the scripts for popular swedish TV show "Life at Seacrow Island". Here at Norröra, you can actually visit Seacrow Island for real.

On sundays during the summer there are special guided tours to Norröra, arranged by Waxholmsbolaget's partner Blidösundsbolaget. Here you can see the old bakery where the film crew cut film in the evenings, the bridge where Melker always fell into the water, Stina's house and the school.

After the tour there is plenty of time for swimming and walking. Whether you go on a guided tour or on your own there is a lot to see at Norröra, a genuine archipelago island with several residents.

For more information, visit:Norröra at Blidösundsbolaget