Foto: Mats Lindfors

Rånö – pine forests and beautiful beaches

In the past, Rånö and Nåttarö were an integral part of Stockholm’s defence system. In times of conflict, war torches were lit to warn of approaching enemies.

However, the islands didn’t manage to entirely escape onslaught, and were particularly badly ravaged by the Russians in 1719. The Russian ovens at Skutviken and by Kapelludden are poignant reminders of this dark period in the island’s history. Today the islands are owned by The Archipelago Foundation, which means you are allowed to walk almost everywhere.

Rånö is richly pine-forested and has beautiful beaches. At Harviken, for example, dazzling white sand beaches and smooth rocks line the shallow inlet. Beside the jetty, there is a small archipelago shop and the restaurant Rånökällan. Just north of Rånö is the charming village of Rånö Ängsholme. From Rånö you can also take the boat to Ålö, which is connected to Utö.

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