Foto: Waxholmsbolaget
Foto: Waxholmsbolaget

Rödlöga – the eastern edge of the archipelago

Rödlöga lies far out to the east and shimmers in red granite. This is the last stop for regular boat traffic.

There is a small village, but no roads, just winding paths through the wild rose bushes. During the reign of King Gustav Vasa, the islands were inhabited by fishermen and their families. Today the population is made up mainly of summer visitors and sailors, who are attracted by the island’s excellent harbours and bathing areas.

The store, Handelsboden, inherited from the old shopkeeper Gösta Söderman, is run by summer guests. His memory is traditionally celebrated on a Saturday in July every year. Close by is Cafe Truten where you can enjoy fresh Danish pastries, cakes and sandwiches or even grill yourself a hot dog.

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