Gruvbryggan (Utö)

Foto: Waxholmsbolaget
Foto: Mats Lindfors

Utö – a pearl on Mysingen bay

During summer, the 200 residents of Utö have plenty of company. But they are used to it. It has been like this since 1889 when Levin, the wholesaler, bought the island and transformed it into a fashionable summer paradise with soiréés and society balls.

Famous celebrities who frequented the island include the screen goddess Greta Garbo. There are still plenty of watering holes on Utö, including Utö Värdshus with its award-winning menu. Don’t miss the old iron mine and museum or mill with its panoramic view over the Mysingen bay. There are great beaches on Persholmen and at Rävstavik.

Or why not rent a bicycle and ride to the fantastic Ålö Storsand. From Ålö you can continue with the boat towards Rånö, Nåttarö and Nynäshamn.

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