Foto: Kenneth Hellman
Foto: Waxholmsbolaget
Foto: Mats Lindfors
Foto: Mats Lindfors

Vaxholm – proud capital of the archipelago

Vaxholm is the proud capital of the archipelago, with its narrow lanes and numerous small boutiques.

The town grew up around the fort and these military roots have helped shape its character.  Until 1912, there was a law proclaiming that all buildings must be constructed in wood, so that in the event of a siege everything would burn quickly and not fall into the hands of the enemy.

Luckily, that never happened and today we can stroll along the winding streets and appreciate the charming mix of fishing huts and ornate summerhouses. The oldest section is Norrhamn with its little Hembygdsgården museum. Don’t miss a trip to Vaxholm’s citadel and the fortress museum on the islet of Vaxholmen. Here you can visit the prison, see the weapon and uniform exhibits and eat in the Minibar.

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